BK 'DAGGER' Front Fender, 116mm-190mm (16-21")

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BK front fenders come in five sizes, ranging from 116mm to 190 mm wide. This offers a great individual fender choice. Like all other BK fenders, these are manufactured from steel that has been heat treated after the welding process to eliminate stress within the material itself. Stress-free material will help avoid cracking or breaking when exposed to vibrations.

Note: BK fenders will require finish grinding.

BK fenders are cut from round 'circle shape' 2mm thick steel. The raw material for the rear fenders comes in a diameter of 78cm (radius 39cm). The fenders are designed to fit 14" to 18" wheels allowing 5-8cm free play for suspension. Front fenders for 16-18" wheels are manufactured from material with a diameter of 66cm (radius 33cm). For 19-21" wheels, in combination with the longer fender models, a larger diameter of 72cm (radius 36cm) is available for best fit over the tyre. Check your tyre radius for the best possible fit with your tyre. Note that all fender widths given are approximate. Widths can vary slightly in the production process.



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