Kuryakyn Deco LED Fuel/Battery Gauge

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Deco LED Fuel and Battery Gauge. The ultimate combination of form and function. The sparkling L.E.D.'s let you easily judge your fuel and battery levels out of the corner of your eye. A perfect match to Kuryakyn's stunning Deco Gas Cap (available separately).
  • For 99-20 FLHR, 15-20 FLRT, 00-17 FXST/FLST, 99-17 Dyna (except console mounted gauges)
  • Stylish, sleek cap has two LED displays that show battery and fuel levels at a glance
  • Fuel gauge illuminates a single green LED when full, from full to 5/8 tank a string of green LEDs, from 1/2 to 1/4 tank amber LEDs, from 1/4 red LEDs, and when near empty a flashing single red LED
  • "Empty" fuel level at which the red LED begins flashing can be set by the rider
  • Battery gauge shows green LEDs when the charging system is between 12.5V and 14.5V, amber LEDs if the bike is not charging and flashing red LEDs if charging level exceeds 15V or drops below 10V
  • Available in chrome finish




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