Wallet Chain - Roundmaille

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The Roundmaille weave is the king of all chains! It has a cool snake like appearance and hangs really nicely, but it does take longer to make than the other (less regal) chains and this is reflected in the price.

The first picture shows a tricolour chain with stainless steel, blackened stainless steel and brass in a spiral design (please note that the silver skull is not included with your wallet chain and was supplied by the customer for his order). The second picture shows (from top to bottom); solid brass, blackened stainless steel with a spiral seam of brass rings & solid stainless steel. Just tell us which one you would like in the notes when you order. Fancy another colour combination? Let us know and we can custom make one to your design at no extra cost.

Stainless steel is a great material as it doesn't rust and is strong with a bit of weight to it. It is very easy to care for and will only get shinier over time! Blackened stainless steel is formed by a chemical process that turns the surface layer to magnetite. Like any surface treatment this will be subject to wear over time and it will develop a deep, dark pewter shine.

All wallet chains come with a Trigger Snap Clip to attach to your belt loop (these are currently only available in a silver or brass finish), and a split ring to attach to your wallet. Or, if you prefer, we can replace the split ring with a stainless steel Shackle with Screw Collar Pin for quick release (these are only available in the stainless colour finish). The chains measure approx. 24" end to end (including the trigger clip) but just let us know if you would prefer it slightly shorter or longer.

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