Kellermann Bullet 1000

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The Kellermann Bullet 1000 series brings today's modern LED technology to the classic bullet shaped design.

The quality is such that, despite their diminutive size, the light output is so brilliant that they carry an "E" stamp which means they are fully legal for use on British roads and will pass an MOT.

The price shown is for ONE signal so if you need a pair please add two to your basket.

Available in five versions (Extreme, Dark, PL, RB & DF) and two finishes (chrome & black). 

Bullet 1000 Extreme (turn signal for front or rear)
The Bullet 1000 Extreme is the pure turn signal with high luminance which has been approved in accordance with ECE-R 6 for all vehicle types. 

Bullet 1000 Dark (turn signal for front or rear) with tinted lens
A classy design in combination with a modern LED technology characterises Kellermann’s Bullet 1000® series which is now available as Bullet 1000® Dark with its strongly tinted glass. The optical dark look sets new style standards for motorcycles: Optically disguised when not in use the indicator matches any demanding bike style. However, in action the typical fast response of the continuous LED ring combined with the soft response of the inner LED surface generates a harmonious indicator performance. 

Bullet 1000 DF (combination stop, tail & turn signal for rear)
The Bullet 1000 DF fulfills the growing demand for rear turn signals with integrated brake lights and rear taillight function. They replace the need for multiple signals and make it possible to clean up the lines of your custom look. The light of the two steady red glowing rings gives the rear of the bike a spectacular look. During braking, these rings shine extremely brightly and will get the attention of all traffic coming up behind you! 

Bullet 1000 PL (turn signal with running light for front)
The Bullet 1000 PL is an indicator with integrated position light in the form of a yellow illuminated ring. These bright rings shine together with the headlight ensuring greater safety in road traffic. When you activate the indicator signal the position light supports in its function and flashes in the same rhythm.

Bullet 1000 RB (taillight and brakelight for rear)
The Bullet 1000 RB combines and replaces the original rear and brake lights at the tail of the motorcycle. The high quality metal housing fits any demanding bike style like a jewel. The homogenous circular red rear light ring adds a spectacular appearance. The radiant brake light keeps the following traffic at distance, thus ensuring more safety on the road.

  • Made in Germany
  • ECE-tested
  • Special flashing effect
  • Unique homogeneous illuminated ring
  • Extreme light output
  • HPT - Homogenous Projection Technology
  • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC controlled, clocked 330 kHz
  • High-quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 Volt applications
  • With M8 x 20 mounting thread
  • Europe-proof design 

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