Kellermann Micro Rhombus (LED/Extreme/Dark/PL/DF/DF Dark)

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The Kellermann Micro Rhombus is another of our favourites and stands for recognizable, striking design. Its distinct shape creates a unique style.

The price shown is for ONE signal so if you need a pair please add two to your basket. If only one signal is required please specifiy in the comment box at checkout whether you need the front left or right, or the rear left or right.

Available in five versions (LED, Extreme, PL, Dark & DF) and two finishes (chrome & black).

Micro Rhombus LED (turn signal for front or rear) - This little baby has one LED and clear lens
Replaces the rear as well as the front indicators because of their bright beam. Thanks to Kellermann's IC operated Long Life Protection Guard® system with the latest high performance LEDs the micro rhombus LED series offers an especially high light output with almost unlimited life span. They are available with the modern clear glass for all motorcycle models.

Micro Rhombus Extreme (turn signal for front or rear) - This mutha has two LED's and clear lens
The micro Rhombus Extreme is an absolute eye-catcher! Not only does is boast a sensational design, but also the new Extreme model is one of the brightest Kellermann indicators available. Never before has there been such versatility allowing use in multiple applications including quads, cars and trailers (homologated according to ECE-R6). The micro Rhombus Extreme can be installed within 20 mm to the main headlamp. Kellermann HighPower LED Technology** uses two LEDs producing an extraordinarily bright indicator. Due to this greater illumination it is recognized much more quickly in traffic providing for maximum road safety*

Micro Rhombus Dark (turn signal for front or rear) - This 'stealth' version of the above has two LED's combined with a tinted dark lens
The micro rhombus Dark has two faces: black as the night / and bright as the day. The combination of the perfect light, the Kellermann HighPower LED Technology and the strongly tinted glass offers new styling options. For your motorcycle the micro rhombus Dark hides what’s inside – while the high-performance-LEDs provide a spectacularly bright indicator signal, they are hidden behind the tinted glass when not in use. Suitable for all motorcycle models*.

Micro Rhombus PL (dual function turn signal with running light for front) - with clear lens
The PL version of the micro rhombus indicators comes with additional integrated position lights. With modern high-performance-LEDs and Kellermanns specially control technology, the micro rhombus PL provide better visibility in road traffic. In addition, they also allow others in traffic to better estimate your speed. Connected about the instrument lighting, the increased power and crystal clear double look creates the impression of daylight-bright lights. Suitable for all motorcycle models*.

Micro Rhombus DF (triple function combination stop, tail & turn signal for rear) - clear lens
Kellermanns innovative indicator-brake-rear light combination in the stylish micro rhombus housing makes it possible to take a new direction when individualising the rear of your bike. The original tail light can be eliminated. The micro rhombus DF/DF Dark are made to the highest standards of quality and are now available with the option of clear or dark 'stealth' version with tinted lenses. The characteristically bright double rear lights of the micro rhombus DF/DF Dark sets new standards. Kellermanns tried and tested HighPower LED Technology coupled with its compact housing translates to an extremely lightweight unit. Suitable for all motorcycle models*.

Micro Rhombus DF Dark (triple function combination stop, tail & turn signal for rear) - same as the above but with the tinted dark lens
The 'stealth' version of the above but with a black housing and ultra dark lens, dark as the night but super bright when working. Suitable for all motorcycle models*.

NOTE: Replacing the stock turn signals with turn signals that draw less Amps, such as LED turn signals, requires the separate purchase of a Load Equalizer (we recommend and can supply the Badlands III) or replacement of the stock turn signal relay with an electronic turn signal flasher. CAN-Bus (HD-Link) equipped 2011 to present Softail, 2012 to present Dyna, 2014 to present Sportster and 2014 to present Touring do not require a Load Equalizer when LED turn signal inserts are used, as the blinking speed can be adjusted. .

  • M8 x 20 thread, flexible mounting
  • Made in Germany
  • ECE-tested
  • Increased safety because of brightness and direct response of the LED
  • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • High quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 volt DC applications (the LED white & PL versions are suitable for 6 and 12 Volt applications)
  • Replaceable flexible rubber adapter which protects the indicator from vibration damage and vandalism
  • Available in chrome or black
  • Pricing is for one unit.  

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