Muc-Off Mini Motorcycle Lube Kit

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The Muc-Off Mini Motorcycle Lube Kit contains a lube for every riding condition, it consists of Dry Chain Lube (50ml), All-Weather Chain Lube (50ml) and Wet Chain Lube (50ml). Each formulated to hold up to the extreme pressures that are applied to a Motorcycles drive chain under each condition.

Each, its own highly versatile formula:

  • Dry weather chain lubricant has superior penetrative qualities ensuring that every part of the chain link is well lubricated, the added PTFE has exceptionally low surface friction to provide incredible drivetrain efficiency without attracting contaminants.
  • All-Weather lube, is the first of its kind and is set to revolutionise chain efficiency and performance, ideal for all motorcycles covering longer distances and is ideal for tourers or commuting riders, our unique water repellent, ceramic, non-fling formula penetrates deep into the chain link allowing riders to go far longer between reapplication intervals.
  • Muc-Off Wet chain lube was developed by our team of in-house boffins to provide maximum protection, no matter what mother nature can throw at your chain! Extreme Lubes polymer formula penetrates deep into the links of the chain, its non-drying hydrophobic lubricant film sticks to every link even during a long, rain-soaked ride!
  • Suitable for standard, O, X and Z-Ring chains.
  • High-performance synthetic formulation for maximum protection.
  • Ceramic additives increase component life and maximise horsepower.
  • 'All-Weather' and 'Wet' lubricants contains UV over spray dye.
  • 50ml compact can size, ideal for on the go protection.



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